A fire safety survey is known to be a systematic and detailed examination of the premises of an organization. It also involves certain activities being carried out there and determining ways to minimize the threat from the fire. So, in this guide, we will understand fire surveys and the different steps involved in the process.

How To Conduct A Fire Safety Survey?

Currently, every business is responsible for showing that the risks of fire have been minimized. So, any company undertaking a fire safety survey should appoint a competent person to carry this out. Many of the Firestopping Kent and Fire stopping London service providers are available to ensure the safety of your business. 

Now, we will talk about the five significant steps involved in a successful passive fire survey London and Kent. 

Key Steps Involved

  • Identifying Fire Hazards

The first step of a successful passive fire survey Kent and London are to identify fire hazards, if present. It includes possible ignition sources, substances, and materials that could act as fuel and potential oxygen sources. 

  • Identifying Individuals At Risk

The second step of passive fire protection London and Kent is to identify individuals at risk. It includes those people who spend time in and around the premises. 

Also, in this regard, you should focus on paying particular attention to those who a fire would be incapacitating. 

It includes mainly those people who are suffering from asthma. Again, it would be the best option to consider those who cannot escape from it, i.e., physically disabled employees. 

  • Evaluating And Protecting

This particular step involves evaluating the risk of a fire occurring in every part of the premises. Based on that, it involves finding out what the associated risk to people would be. 

For instance, a machinery piece that gets extremely hot would be a fire risk. So, it becomes essential to calculate the threat that it poses to the staff. Next, you should focus on taking specific steps as protective measures to counteract these hazards. 

Either you can consider removing the dangerous object or take specific steps to make it safer. Some of the best ways that can help to reduce the risk to staffs involve proper investigation of: 

  • Detection and warning systems like alarms and smoke detectors
  • Notices and signs
  • Enhanced lighting
  • Escape routes
  • Fire fighting tools like extinguishers

Along with investigating these, you should also regularly maintain the equipment mentioned above. 

  • Planning For The Upcoming Future Times

Once a Passive Fire Protection Kent or London service provider carries out a survey, they should record and act upon its main findings. 

It includes preparing a detailed emergency plan for what everyone on the premises should do in the event of a fire. After that, the management should coordinate with employees to ensure everyone knows what they are expected to do under this plan. 

  • Reviewing

It is essential to perform the survey once a year, and it should be revised whenever required. Also, it would help if you kept all the relevant employees well-informed about any changes to the fire safety arrangements that affect them. 

Advice For An Effective Fire Safety Survey 

One thing that you make sure of is that whoever undertakes the survey obtains all their info by physically going to the premises. It will aid proper inspection. Also, they should focus on acquiring knowledge from any relevant employees. 

The survey should necessarily have time devoted to it. Again, it should be performed systematically. In this case, the larger premises are being broken up into more manageable areas. 

So, these are some of the main pieces of advice to give your service provider specifically for a helpful fire safety survey. 

Final Words

So, the ones mentioned above are the most important things you should know about the fire surveys. Again, you should be very selective at the time of hiring a fire protection service provider. 

It is because you cannot compromise with the safety of your employees and the building. Therefore, you should always seek the assistance of a reputed professional fire protection company that has a high level of expertise and knowledge in this field. 


Why Do I Require A Fire Strategy?

A fire strategy will make sure that the risk of a fire outbreak is effectively minimised. It will also help in ensuring that people can easily escape the building whenever required.

Do You Provide A Comprehensive Site Report?

Yes, we will provide you with a comprehensive site report that details the effectiveness of your measures to resist the fire spread.

What Is Included In Your Report?

Our report will highlight any improvements that should be made to your building structure to make sure it is compliant.

What Makes Your Services Distinct From Others?

Our professional approach, exceptional attention to detail and continued commitment helps us to deliver top-notch services at an affordable rate. All of these contributes to providing us with an extra edge over our competitors.