Aug1st 2023

We Are Recruiting

CA FIRE PROTECTION LTD ARE RECRUITING FOR EXPERIENCED: INTUMESCENT PAINT SPRAYERS&CERTIFIED FIRE STOPPERS TO ENQUIRE PLEASE EMAIL OR PHONE LEWIS@CAFIREPROTECTION.CO.UK 01227501975 CA Fire Protection is a 3rd party accredited company who are expertly qualified in the installation of fire protection systems and maintenance services – operating UK wide, with offices based in London and Kent. […]

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Fire safety Jan17th 2022

Tips To Keep In Mind For Preventing Fire In Commercial Buildings

Fire incidents can prove to be hazardous for a commercial building. Unexpected fires and explosions in the building are triggered by various risk factors like open flames, poor pipefitting, improperly stored combustible materials, or faulty gas lines. These incidents can cause severe damage to the respiratory system, potential disfigurements and varying degrees of burns.  But, […]

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Fire Safety Practices For Small Businesses – Here Is What You Should Know

Dec8th 2021

Without proper fire safety measures in place, a fire in a commercial building can turn into a life-threatening incident and cause severe damage to the property. Hence, following fire-safety rules and equipping the workplace with appropriate fire prevention measures is imperative for modern business owners.  In small businesses, handling fire safety relies on the owner; […]

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Passive Fire Protection Surveys Nov23rd 2021

A Comprehensive Guide To Fire Surveys

A fire safety survey is known to be a systematic and detailed examination of the premises of an organization. It also involves certain activities being carried out there and determining ways to minimize the threat from the fire. So, in this guide, we will understand fire surveys and the different steps involved in the process. […]

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