fire risk assessment London Jun12th 2024

A Comprehensive Guide To Passive Fire Protection London For Safety

Introduction Residential and commercial buildings are susceptible to several natural and human-lead hazards, and ‘fire’ is the most dangerous. A fire outbreak can severely damage life and property within minutes without appropriate fire-stopping measures. Contrary to popular belief, installing sprinklers, fire extinguishers, and alarms alone cannot ensure complete protection. All these firestopping elements are part […]

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Passive Fire Protection May17th 2024

Understanding The Importance & Essential Components Of Passive Fire Protection

Introduction Thousands of residential properties, commercial buildings, and skyscrapers exist in the contemporary landscape of London. It is becoming occupied quickly due to the increasing population, investment purposes, and significant demand.  Despite countless benefits, economical maintenance costs, and attractive growth opportunities, buyers will only be interested in purchasing a property if it has passive fire […]

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Firestopping May10th 2024

A Step-By-Step Guide To Firestopping In London

Introduction In the contemporary UK landscape, new properties are constructed every month, and most are taller (20 or more floors in a single building).   Hence, ensuring fire safety in new buildings becomes vital to prevent injuries and lifelong body damage to occupants.  Several options are available to tackle fire breakouts. One highly effective measure […]

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Aug1st 2023

We Are Recruiting

CA FIRE PROTECTION LTD ARE RECRUITING FOR EXPERIENCED: INTUMESCENT PAINT SPRAYERS&CERTIFIED FIRE STOPPERS TO ENQUIRE PLEASE EMAIL OR PHONE LEWIS@CAFIREPROTECTION.CO.UK 01227501975 CA Fire Protection is a 3rd party accredited company who are expertly qualified in the installation of fire protection systems and maintenance services – operating UK wide, with offices based in London and Kent. […]

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