6 Effective Strategies To Improve Fire Protection In Hospitals

Oct13th 2021

Fire protection is essential for every residential and commercial building, but it is crucial in a sensitive environment like a hospital or a healthcare centre. Healthcare facilities are home to several patients, some of those may not even be able to evacuate in case of a fire breakout.  Even a small fire can lead to […]

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FireProtection Accreditations Sep10th 2021

Fire Safety – Everything You Need To Know About Passive Fire Protection

Residential and commercial buildings are susceptible to several natural and human-lead hazards, and ‘fire’ is the most dangerous. Without appropriate fire-stopping measures, a fire outbreak can severely damage life and property within minutes. Contrary to popular belief, installing sprinklers, fire extinguishers, and alarms alone cannot ensure complete protection. All these firestopping elements are a part […]

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A Detailed Guide To Firestopping: How To Get It Right For The Future?

Aug16th 2021

Fire stopping involves sealing any specific openings to prevent fire incidences, including heat and smoke, from passing through multiple building compartments.  The creation of fire-resisting compartments controls the spread of any fire outbreak. It again subdivides the building horizontally or vertically. To restrict fire spread vertically and horizontally, facilities must ensure that any gaps and […]

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FireProtection Jul21st 2021

Why Is Passive Fire Protection Important in Buildings?

Fire is one of the most destructive sources that can affect your properties, assets and building if you ignore installing passive fire protection components on time. Unsecured and less-protected facilities allow smoke and fire to spread to the extent. Such kind of open fire can cause high risk and damage to lives and properties. In […]

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